Justin Bratton, TV Host, Actor

A Collective Edit’s Cities of Style: Hong Kong

What happens when a skilled Celebrity Photographer, a good-humored PR genius, and a hyperactive Actor/Presenter join forces with Pudu Menswear, Scoot Airlines, and A Collective Edit? I believe awesomeness is a term which could be used here.

Give the behind the scenes video a watch.  Hong Kong was an absolute blast of a time.

A Collective Edit featured 2 articles on the trip.  The first showcases some behind the scene’s pics with Celebrity Photographer Zurina Bryant and I – http://collectivedit.com/2014/05/07/exclusive-cities-of-style-hong-kong/

The second contains an interview I did for the shoot and the pictures featuring Pudu Menswear – http://collectivedit.com/2014/05/21/exclusive-cities-of-style-scooting-away-with-justin-bratton-in-pudu/


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